Keep3r Network update & audit

Disclaimer: Keep3r Network is NOT live yet. The launch will be communicated when all audits have been signed off.

We have received our first audit, all issues have been logged and updated on github. No critical or major bugs found.

Keep3r Network launch will include jobs for;

How to participate (AFTER LAUNCH)

Register as a Keeper on Keep3r Network (this site is NOT live yet, do not waste gas executing transactions)

Simply create a 0 KPR bond. This will begin the 24 hour bonding process. Afterwards you can activate to be come a keeper and execute listed jobs.

Keep3r Rewards

You will receive an amount of KPR equal to the gas spent on the transaction.

Learn more

Keep3r Rewards introduction article

MetaWallet: gasless wallet

Uniquote & UniswapV2Oracle




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Andre Cronje

Andre Cronje

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