MetaWallet: a gasless wallet

Andre Cronje
2 min readOct 24, 2020

The Keep3r Network allows us to create a whole range of dapps not previously possible. Three new systems will be made available as part of the Keep3r Network launch, the first of these 3 systems is MetaWallet.

MetaWallet is a smart contract that functions as a normal smart wallet. You can transfer ETH, send tokens, approve contracts, or execute arbitrary contract call data to other contracts.

The core exception here, you can do all the above without ever needing to submit a transaction or spend gas yourself. You simply sign the send, transfer, approve, or execute and this is queued in the Keep3r Network. Keepers will then submit on your behalf in batches. The batch nature of this also means that in aggregate the system becomes cheaper with more users. The Keep3r Network does not need to submit each transaction individually and can submit as many sub transactions in a single ETH transaction as the gas limit allows.

Using the MetaWallet will allow for cheaper gas and lower transaction congestion.

A secondary function of the MetaWallet allows you to optionally set a second owner. Both owners have full rights. With the holiday season approaching we know that some users would like to send friends and family crypto, this comes with short comings, they often lose their keys, or the system is too complex, or they simply don’t like spending gas. Now you can create a wallet for them, send them some funds, and allow them to interact with it in a completely gas free manner. If they ever lose their keys, you can still help them recover their wallet.

MetaWallet code and website have been submitted for audit, and will be released to the public pending audit completion.