Keep3r Network

  1. Calling update() on an Oracle to update its underlying value
  2. Calling harvest() on strategies to rotate funds
  3. Calling vote() on behalf of a user with the permit/approve scheme
  4. Triggering a limit order when the price is matched
  5. Triggering liquidations in debt based systems
  • Keeper bonded stake
  • Keeper jobs completed
  • Keeper age
  • Keeper token stake (for example SNX > 100)
  • Bond KPR to perform high risk jobs
  • Use KPR to manage Governance
  • KPR accrues direct payment fees
  • Liquidity providers can pay Keepers with KPR credit
  • Adding liquidity pools accepted for job credit
  • Approving / Revoking Jobs
  • Disputing / Slashing / Resolving / Revoking Keepers
  • Set KPR reward premium




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Andre Cronje

Andre Cronje

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