Rarity — Composable NFT architecture

Andre Cronje
1 min readSep 6, 2021

An explanation of the architecture design I’m going for;

At the base, you have a summoner NFT, it has a class, xp amount, and level, this can only grow through time and dedication.

Separate to the summoner are Attributes, can read more here, this is a completely independent contract from the summoner NFT, but it builds on top of the summoner NFT.

Next will be (not necessarily in this order), and all individual composable building blocks;

  • Skills
  • Economy
  • Feats
  • Spells
  • Spell Books
  • Crafting
  • Equipment

So why not combine all the above into 1 NFT? For one, complexity, and two, composability. Let’s assume you want to attach a different attribute system to your base summoner, you can, if you prefer spell variants, you can attach them, etc.

Eventually all the above leads to the Rarity Character exporter, from here, you can take your base summoner, attach attributes, feats, spells, and equipment, and then generate a composite NFT, this will allow characters to be exported that are the sum of their parts, these final NFTs will be the Rarity system game components, as well as the tradeable NFTs.