Loot & Rarity

Andre Cronje
3 min readSep 5, 2021


What dom achieved with loot was truly inspiring. It is no secret that I am a fan of game economies. My very first design was for Eminence, with a goal of creating micro economies within different factions, with these economies later on expanding out towards crafting, which would lead to gear, and eventually full fledged mmo’s.

Eminence, however is top down, we already have a fully fledged roadmap, we are finalizing the ingame assets, and will then move onto the 3 flagship games.

So in-between waiting for Eminence, and watching the organic growth of loot, it made me start to think about rarity. For those that don’t know, I use to be an avid D&D and White Wolf dm/gm, mostly 3.5 and Exalted, and also wrote a few systems myself that were played by local groups, system mechanics and world creation has long been a core passion of mine, much moreso than finance.

With loot and its rarity, we have an interesting game mechanic problem, loot should be rare, but loot should be accessible, so it made me start thinking about how does one build it organically up.

Why is magical gear in games like D&D or Exalted rare? Because there is only a specialized handful of people that can actually create it, specifically focusing on D&D, you first need to be a spell caster, then you need to reach at least minimum levels, even then you need specialized feats and spells, and during the creation process, you sacrifice xp.

So what if instead of creating the loot first, we could create the world wherein people could create the loot?

With that in mind, I’ve created rarity


Inspired by loot, but with a different core mechanic approach. Anyone can create a summoner, there are no limits, it doesn’t cost anything (other than gas). Once per day a summoner can adventure, earning 250xp. Once you have earned the required amount of xp to advance a level, you can level_up.

As you level up, you earn feats and spell slots.



Once you know the required feats (such as Craft Magic Arms And Armor), know the required spells for the item, and have sufficient xp and gold to spend, you can craft the item and enchantment. These you can then sell on the secondary market.

As time progresses there will be more and more crafters, as time moves on, some of them will retire, some might pass on to the next generation, others might be lost in the void.

For now, we have released the ability to summon your summoner and choose your class, as well as adventuring and leveling up, one of;

  • Barbarian [1]
  • Bard [2]
  • Cleric [3]
  • Druid [4]
  • Fighter [5]
  • Monk [6]
  • Paladin [7]
  • Ranger [8]
  • Rogue [9]
  • Sorcerer [10]
  • Wizard [11]

Feats, Spells, and crafting will be deployed during the course of the next few weeks as characters advance.


I am doing this to relax, I consider it a hobby project, and not one of my fulltime projects, those being; Fantom, and Keep3r. As such, if anyone would like to help build out this world, I will greatly appreciate the company, gaming is always more fun with friends! If anyone would like to help transcribe the feats and the spells, please feel free to contact me on telegram @andrecronje or you can submit a PR to the github below;


I originally started deploying this on Ethereum, but given the daily xp grind requirement, it simply does not make sense to do this on Ethereum, as such, I have opted to deploy on Fantom. For anyone interested, you only need 5–10 FTM to keep you going for months, you can buy a small amount on uniswap/sushiswap, use multichain.xyz to bridge from Ethereum to Fantom, and then use the same tools you are use to;

etherscan.com = ftmscan.com
rpc = rpc.ftm.tools
Chain ID = 250
Currency Symbol = FTM

Or you can use chainlist.org to simply one click add.