Why build on Fantom?

  • Fastest confirmation times (sub 900ms finality)
  • True finality (no longest chain rule, when a transaction is seen by the network it is final — can’t be rolled back by a chain reorg)
  • Synchronous RPC (not asynchronous fire and forget, but synchronous to receive confirmation, only possible on Fantom due to low confirmation times)
  • Gas monetization, allowing your team to earn revenue from gas fees on your contracts
  • Gas subsidies, allowing users to onboard without needing FTM (launch between Q2 — Q3 2023)
  • Account abstraction (base layer, not relayer), allowing wallets to be owned by normal web2 methods (username/password, social auth, face id, etc) (launch between Q3 — Q4 2023)
  • Full Solidity & Vyper compatibility (developers don’t need to relearn, easier multichain journey)
  • No segmentation between networks (subnets / supernets / L2’s), shared security, liquidity, and users
  • Legacy; Fantom is the oldest EVM chain after ETH, Fantom has been operating for 4 years with 99.9% uptime
  • 30 year runway, ease of mind in building on a platform that will still exist in a few decades




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