vKP3R 101

Andre Cronje
2 min readSep 1, 2021


vKP3R is the name for vested KP3R. It is the productive asset of the keep3r.network ecosystem.

ve-assets were pioneered by curve.fi when they introduced veCRV, and has since been adopted by cream.finance iceCREAM, sushi.com oSUSHI*, frax.finance veFXS, spiritswap.finance inSPIRIT (to name a few).

The ve prefix stands for vested. You can vest KP3R to create vKP3R. The amount of vKP3R received is linear in duration, meaning, if you lock for the maximum of 4 years, 1 KP3R = 1 vKP3R. If you lock for 1 year, 1 KP3R = 1/4 vKP3R, all the way down to a minimum of 1 week, where 1 KP3R = 1/208 vKP3R. UI will be released soon.

With vKP3R you will earn protocol fees, this includes, but is not limited to;

  • 1% of job fees (~$10k/week)
  • Fixed Forex minting fees (~$30k/week)
  • Fixed Forex reserve fees (~$30k/week)
  • Keep3r OLM (1% of exercised fees)
  • KP3R/ETH OLM (100% of exercised fees, estimated ~$150k/week)
  • v3 liquidity incentives (50% of trading fees)
  • 1% of future emission (~$10.5k/week)

To earn fees, you need to have vKP3R, you earn a portion of fees equal to your % ownership of vKP3R. So if you own 10% of vKP3R, you own 10% of all the above weekly fees.

To mint vKP3R, you need to have KP3R. Once the UI is live you simply need to go to vest, choose your amount of KP3R to vest and the duration (max 4 years), and lock. Fees will be distributed every Thursday for the previous week retrospectively. With the first snapshot occurring tonight at 00:00.


KP3R 0x1cEB5cB57C4D4E2b2433641b95Dd330A33185A44

vKP3R 0x2FC52C61fB0C03489649311989CE2689D93dC1a2