ve(3,3): Curves, Initial distribution, Competition, & Building a protocol for protocols

  • Natively supports swaps between closely correlated assets via a new curve (stable swaps)
  • Natively supports swaps between uncorrelated assets
  • 0.01% fee
  • Fees are paid out in base assets, not converted
  • Uniswap v2 compatible interfaces (allows support for all existing analytics tools and interfaces)
  • Permissionlessly create pools
  • Permissionless support for Gauges & Bribes
  • Emission incentivizes fees instead of liquidity
  • Native support for adding third party tokens and incentives
  • ve(3,3) lockers accumulate all fees for pools they vote emission on
  • ve(3,3) lockers increase holdings proportional to emission, no dilution
  • ve(3,3) lockers vote on emissions with circulating supply decay, read more
  • ve(3,3) natively supports delegation
  • ve(3,3) locks are represented as non-fungible tokens to allow capital efficiency of locks
  • No DAO
  • Must be able to easily add token incentives to your liquidity
  • Must be able to easily bribe token emissions onto your liquidity
  • Must be able to accrue fees from liquidity you incentivize
  • Must be able to permissionlessly deploy your liquidity
  1. Auction / LBP, the primary issue here was we don’t want to raise funds nor sell any tokens.
  2. Create FTM/token pool and burn the LP tokens, this favors bots and whomever happens to be awake during that timeframe, this is not a fair distribution.
  3. We simply decide the first pools and votes, not very decentralized
  4. Airdrop, but for an airdrop to be successful, it needs to go to the correct participants, as we can see from CRV and CVX distribution, those participants are predominantly protocols




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Andre Cronje

Andre Cronje

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