Solidly: preparation for launch

Andre Cronje
2 min readJan 25, 2022

We are nearing the deployment of Solidly on Fantom mainnet, in preparation we wanted to guide projects on what they can do (if they so wish);

On initialization projects will receive their veNFT;

The recipient address and amount can be reviewed here

Process flow;

Step 1: Create a pool with 2 assets, either stable or volatile, this can be done via the BaseV1Router01.addLiquidity

Step 2: Add a gauge to the pool you just created via BaseV1Voter.createGauge

Step 3: Vote for the pools which you would like to incentivize through Solidly via the

Token emission will start 2 weeks after the deployment of the Solidly ecosystem, as can be reviewed on BaseV1Minter

The projects receiving the veNFT’s will own 25% of the protocol in perpetuity, this % will remain fixed, as can be reviewed in ve-distribution

From there only two things to do (optionally) weekly;

  1. Claim % emissions via ve-distribution.claim
  2. Claim fees via BaseV1Minter.claimFees

Deployment will occur as soon as the all project details have been received and the last pending audit has been finalized and published.

For integration, please review the testnet addresses as found here

For documentation, please refer to the github found here

To run locally, simply git clone > npm install > npx hardhat test