Rarity: The Cellar

Rarity’s first low level dungeon has been released;

Dungeon stats;

  • 10 health
  • Deals 2 damage per turn
  • Has a to hit AC of 2
  • Has a hit AC of 3

Can be completed once per day.

As The Cellar is an enclosed space it makes it difficult for ranged or spell combat, as such it is recommended for;

Barbarians, Fighters, and Paladin

It is recommended to first scout(summoner) the dungeon, to see if you will receive any rewards, if you do receive rewards, you can adventure(summoner). The dungeon rewards Crafting Materials (I), which is used in low level gear and potion crafting (released at level 3).

Recommended Attributes;

Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution.

Happy Adventuring!


The Cellar 0x2A0F1cB17680161cF255348dDFDeE94ea8Ca196A





License here




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Andre Cronje

Andre Cronje

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