Rarity Gold (with a twist)

Andre Cronje
Sep 6, 2021


Rarity Gold is an ERC20 for NFTs :)

Any game economy needs currency, but again, this gold shouldn’t be gated, nor should it turn into a speculative asset. As per wealth per level guidelines, summoners can claim gold after each level advancement. Gold is however not owned by the address, nor is it a standard ERC20, but instead, gold is an ERC20 owned by the summoner (the NFT itself). Summoners can trade between each other as per normal (with transfer), and auction houses / merchants / stores can be created via transferFrom), but only a summoner can be an owner of gold.

A summoner can claim gold starting from level 2 and every level thereafter. Gold will be the default currency for auction houses, merchants, npcs, quests, and stores implemented in the default universe.