Rarity: Feats

Feat Descriptions

Feat Name [Type Of Feat]

Acrobatic [General]

Agile [General]

Alertness [General]

Animal Affinity [General]

Armor Proficiency (Heavy) [General]

Armor Proficiency (Light) [General]

Armor Proficiency (Medium) [General]

Athletic [General]

Augment Summoning [General]

Blind-Fight [General]

Brew Potion [Item Creation]

Cleave [General]

Combat Casting [General]

Combat Expertise [General]

Combat Reflexes [General]

Craft Magic Arms And Armor [Item Creation]

Craft Rod [Item Creation]

Craft Staff [Item Creation]

Craft Wand [Item Creation]

Craft Wondrous Item [Item Creation]

Deceitful [General]

Deflect Arrows [General]

Deft Hands [General]

Diehard [General]

Diligent [General]

Dodge [General]

Empower Spell [Metamagic]

Endurance [General]

Enlarge Spell [Metamagic]

Eschew Materials [General]

Exotic Weapon Proficiency [General]

Extend Spell [Metamagic]

Extra Turning [General]

Far Shot [General]

Forge Ring [Item Creation]

Great Cleave [General]

Great Fortitude [General]

Greater Spell Focus [General]

Greater Spell Penetration [General]

Greater Two-Weapon Fighting [General]

Greater Weapon Focus [General]

Greater Weapon Specialization [General]

Heighten Spell [Metamagic]

Improved Bull Rush [General]

Improved Counterspell [General]

Improved Critical [General]

Improved Disarm [General]

  1. Or other celestial animal from the standard familiar list.
  2. Or other fiendish animal from the standard familiar list.
  3. The master must first create the homunculus, substituting ichor or another part of the master’s body for blood if necessary.

Improved Familiar [General]

Improved Feint [General]

Improved Grapple [General]

Improved Initiative [General]

Improved Overrun [General]

Improved Precise Shot [General]

Improved Shield Bash [General]

Improved Sunder [General]

Improved Trip [General]

Improved Turning [General]

Improved Two-Weapon Fighting [General]

Improved Unarmed Strike [General]

Investigator [General]

Iron Will [General]

Leadership [General]

Lightning Reflexes [General]

Magical Aptitude [General]

Manyshot [General]

Martial Weapon Proficiency [General]

Maximize Spell [Metamagic]

Mobility [General]

Mounted Archery [General]

Mounted Combat [General]

Natural Spell [General]

Negotiator [General]

Nimble Fingers [General]

Persuasive [General]

Point Blank Shot [General]

Power Attack [General]

Precise Shot [General]

Quick Draw [General]

Quicken Spell [Metamagic]

Rapid Reload [General]

Rapid Shot [General]

Ride-By Attack [General]

Run [General]

Scribe Scroll [Item Creation]

Self-Sufficient [General]

Shield Proficiency [General]

Shot On The Run [General]

Silent Spell [Metamagic]

Simple Weapon Proficiency [General]

Skill Focus [General]

Snatch Arrows [General]

Spell Penetration [General]

Spirited Charge [General]

Spring Attack [General]

Stealthy [General]

Still Spell [Metamagic]

Stunning Fist [General]

Toughness [General]

Tower Shield Proficiency [General]

  1. For a group of mixed sizes, apply only the modifier for the largest size category.
  2. Apply only the largest modifier from this category.

Trample [General]

Two-Weapon Defense [General]

Two-Weapon Fighting [General]

Weapon Finesse [General]

Weapon Focus [General]

Weapon Specialization [General]

Widen Spell [Metamagic]



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