Rarity: Ecosystem bounties

Andre Cronje
1 min readSep 13, 2021

Rarity’s design architecture is inspired by defi legos. Instead of one monolithic design, it creates small modular designs. At its base, is the summoner, a simple composable unit that consists of a level, a class, and experience. Everything else in the Rarity world is built ontop of this base building block. Perhaps you don’t like the d&d attributes, and instead, would like to incorporate a BESM stat implementation, or a white wolf implementation, the choice is up to the individual builder.

As such, we are creating an ecosystem fund to help fund any games or other legos built ontop of rarity.

All bounty requests must be submitted via github Issues

Bounties as follows;

Expansions: up to $5,000.00 (examples include Rarity Names, Rarity Forest)
UI: up to $20,000.00 (dependent on functionality implemented)
Integrations: up to $20,000.00 (using Rarity NFTs in your game)
Full games: up to $100,000.00

Happy building!