Rarity: Crafting

Crafting (I) has been released. These are regular goods, armor and weapons.

Each crafting attempt costs 250xp per attempt, representing 1 day of effort.

A crafter must have at least 1 skill point in Skills (Craft) to be able to attempt crafting.

The difficult class (DC) of crafting is based on the type of item.

A crafter can craft;

  • Goods (DC 20)

The craft check is calculated as follows;

1d20 + craft skill ranks + INT modifier

The DC can be reduced by spending craft (I) materials which is farmable in The Cellar. The DC is decreased by 1 for each 10 craft (I) materials spent.

Should a DC check be successful, materials worth the cost of the item will be used up to create the items. This is the cost in gold.


Rarity Crafting: 0xf41270836dF4Db1D28F7fd0935270e3A603e78cC

craft(summoner, base_type, item_type, crafting_materials)

Highly recommended to simulate an attempt first;

simulate(summoner, base_type, item_type, crafting_materials)

To craft, you need to approve;

  • rarity.approve(_crafting_contract, summoner)



WTB Longsword please ❤



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