One click Governance tokens with liquidity, timelock, and stop loss.

Andre Cronje
2 min readOct 14, 2020

TLDR; if you want to launch your own token with governance, timelock, built in liquidity incentives, and stop losses, you can use the template below

Further expanding on Liquidity Tokens and governance I wanted to create a quick and easy way to deploy fully configured tokens. There are 6 core concepts;

Governance (as perfected by
Timelock (which complements governance)
RewardDistribution (to incentivize liquidity providers, perfected by
VoterDelegation (to be able to delegate your votes by proxy)
BondingCurve (to bootstrap initial liquidity)
LiquidityIncentives (to reward liquidity providers)

Adding onto this I included 2 new features;

  1. A very simplistic stop-loss system for users that purchase their tokens directly from the contract, if you purchase your tokens you can burn them again to receive the same amount of ETH as when you purchased them. The caveat here, if you move your tokens, you lose your stop-loss. You can receive more, but you can never drop below your stop loss required burn balance.
  2. A purchase fee configured at creation that goes to treasury.

These elements combined provide the template for a DAOICO ecosystem. We will also be building out web tooling and providing them open source for teams to be able to monitor timelock queued transactions, governance votes and status, reward distribution, and purchase info, so that everything is available in a transparent ecosystem.

So if you have a project idea and want to boostrap the concept, play around with these templates and see if they fit your requirements, this will allow users to provide liquidity while minting the token in uniswap as well as give the user downside protection, while collecting a treasury that can be assigned via governance and token holders.

Kickstarter for defi projects.


LiquidityFactory: 0xed9d1F8EC83CDEA77e560d163e96d5E36F139363
RewardFactory: 0x323B2b67Ed1a745e5208ac18625ecef187a421D0
GovernanceFactory: 0x4179Ef5dC359A4f73D5A14aF264f759052325bc1

Sample project (for research purposes only)

Liquidity: 0x375Da3e307Ef2E1A9D9e1516f80738Ca52cb7B85
Governance: 0x71c882bC3191b36bbE839e55dec2e03024943DCD
Rewards: 0x6803c357fb329755f906839d800617a93d61C202


Do not send funds to any of these contracts, these are for developers and researchers.