Merger, Acquisition, Partnership, & Collaboration nomenclature in the decentralized space

  • Miners (they decide if the software is upgraded or not)
  • Developers (they build the software for the miners to use)
  • ETH holders (are the users of the system and do not drive choices)
  • Vitalik (definitely a thought leader)
  • Ethereum Foundation (they help fund the ecosystem, but how much say do they have?)
  1. Core cover offerings, fixed expiry coverage denominated in stable coins for a variable list of protocols.
  2. Protocol prediction market, for predicting the perceived risk that a protocol will be exploited.
  3. Perpetual (or as I like to call it, lazy) cover, for users and protocols that simply want to set aside reserves to hedge risk.
  4. Cover as a service, offering any token to become a backstop for its own ecosystem, allowing tokens to mimic the offerings in 1 & 3 using their own token as the catalyst.




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Andre Cronje

Andre Cronje

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