Keep3r V2 Oracles,, and are powered by Keep3r V1 Oracles. These are TWAP oracles that take a snapshot every 30 minutes.

Today we introduce Keep3r V2 Oracles. These feeds have significant improvements over V1 Oracles in terms of gas efficiency and maintenance cost (greater than 10x lower costs to maintain), they are also designed so that individual projects can launch and maintain their own Keep3r V2 Oracles.

Updates cost as little as 55k gas

Step 1: Deploy Keep3rV2OracleFactory

Simply fork/clone and deploy Keep3rV2OracleFactory, the deployer will automatically be set to governance.

Step 2: Deploy an oracle feed

Any pairs in sushiswap or uniswap are supported, to deploy simply call Keep3rV2OracleFactory.deploy(address pair)

Step 3: Add Keep3rV2OracleFactory as a job on

Simply follow the documentation or feel free to contact me directly.

Step 4: Add credits, pay in your own token, pay in ETH, or simply bond liquidity

Simply follow the documentation on how to manage credit, either through using your own token, ETH, or providing liquidity to receive kp3r credit

The interfaces are still the same as per Keep3rV1Feeds, documentation available here.

I recommend all projects currently using Keep3rV1Oracles to deploy their own Keep3rV2OracleFactory and be able to manage their own token requirements.




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Andre Cronje

Andre Cronje

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