Keep3r Redeemable KP3R (rKP3R)

Andre Cronje
2 min readSep 15, 2021


Redeemable KP3R, or rKP3R, is wrapped KP3R that can optionally be exercised as a KP3R CALL option at 50% discount.

You can earn rKP3R in the following ways;

  • Provide liquidity to ib forex assets (live)
  • Provide Uniswap v3 liquidity to whitelisted pairs (currently only KP3R/ETH), with ib*/USDT launching soon

Once you have rKP3R (earned via,, or, you can redeem rKP3R for the KP3R CALL option at 50% discount at any time, once created, you have 24 hours to exercise the CALL.

You can do the above on, after you called claim, you will see the following;

The above means, I now have the option to pay 220.18 USDC for 1 KP3R, and I have until 2021–09–16 (24 hours) to do so. If I do not claim within 24 hours, the option simply expires. Should you wish to claim, simply call Redeem.

The USDC is transferred to the currently configured treasury address, which will distribute all fees to vKP3R holders.

All distributed KP3R rewards going forward, will be in the form of rKP3R to allow composability with existing solutions, such as Curve Gauges, Sushi Onsen, etc.


Options LM, rKP3R, and Gauge Voting github