Keep3r Network v1 beta

Andre Cronje
Oct 28, 2020

Disclaimer: Keep3r Network is still under audit. These contracts have been audited and reviewed, that does not mean that bugs can’t/won’t be present. When interacting with these contracts never interact with funds that you are not willing to lose.

Keep3r Network v1 contracts have been released;

A registry of the contracts can be found at;

Joining as a Keeper

Navigate to click add input your amount KP3R and confirm with add

After the bonding period of 3 days you will be able to select activate.

Performing Jobs

You can view current available jobs, for now UniswapV2Oracle is available, however more will be added, additional data will also be included on the website.

Keep3r jobs implement a function called work

As a simple keeper, you only need to call work and you will receive KP3R.

For details on registering a job or additional information please visit the documentation