Keep3r Network roadmap

Andre Cronje
Oct 28, 2020


  • Governance contracts are still in audit, after they have been finalized Keep3r will be upgraded to Governance instead of current EOA. No action required for keep3rs or jobs.
  • Jobs are currently open for anyone to participate while Governance is pending. Please contact @andrecronje so I can help fast track your contract inclusion.
  • Additional jobs will include harvests, liquidations, and will be used for executing limit orders.
  • MetaWallet will be the next implementation for batched off-chain executions.
  • Keep3r helper is currently set to peg rewards to ETH price, this will be updated once more data points are available in Uniquote

Keep3r is an infrastructure project, this is not to the benefit of end-users, but to dapp developers and ecosystem health as a whole. If you are a builder or maintainer, feel free to contact us so we can help incentivize your automations.

Maintenance made simple.