Keep3r Network: MetaKeep3r

An important goal for Keep3r Network is to keep the “maintenance” of keepers to a minimum. To achieve this, we wanted to create a mechanism for keepers to be able to instantly recoup their gas spent in ETH. This allows for truly set and forget keepers that do not require any devops.

Using MetaKeep3r along with OpenZeppelin | defender means a 0 friction setup environment.


By default, executing work on jobs is rewarded with bonded KP3R (can be unbonded as normal for KP3R). This is important for the following reasons;

  • Higher bonds increase the jobs keepers can qualify for
  • Bonded KP3R gives voting rights
  • Should a job introduce an exploit, bonded KP3R can’t be exploited

The downside however, is that ETH can’t be immediately recouped for keeper transactions. This essentially means that a keeper had to keep an UNBOND days amount of ETH as a float.

Today, we released MetaKeep3r, MetaKeep3r allows for immediate ETH compensation as a trade for bonded KP3R.

As can be seen below, MetaKeep3r keeps the bonded KP3R, and swaps it for ETH as compensation for gas spent.

MetaKeep3r is restricted to only bonded keepers with a minimum bond of 100 KP3R. MetaKeep3r is also the first job to use the keeper filter for job execution.

If you want to learn more, the code can be found here









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Andre Cronje

Andre Cronje

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