integration update stats

  • 19,167 jobs completed
  • $5,242,050 payments awarded to keep3rs
  • 994 registered keepers
  • $1,187,487 keep3r bonds
  • Top keep3r earning $158,099 / week
  • Average earnings $38,488.6 / week stats

  • 25 registered jobs
  • 8 projects providing job credits
  • $314,562,526 TVL secured by
  • $2,541,980 kp3r purchased by projects for liquidity stats

  • 87 price feeds powered by
  • On-chain volatility
  • Options pricing
  • Historic on-chain price lookups
  • Historic volatility indexes


  • $2,683,289 earned, will be distributed to bonded keep3rs at bi-annual snapshots based on bonded kp3r over the same period. (451% earnings on bonded kp3r)

Projects powered by

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