Keep3r Network economics

Andre Cronje
Oct 28, 2020


  1. Keepers are rewarded in KP3R for performing transactions.
  2. KP3R governance controls treasury.
  3. Jobs need to receive credit to pay keepers (ETH, tokens, or via KP3R liquidity)
  4. Treasury is paid 0.3% fees of any non KP3R transaction (direct ETH or token payments).

How is KP3R minted? By providing liquidity for accepted pairs, currently KP3R-ETH, however governance can vote in to include KP3R-SNX, KP3R-AAVE, KP3R-LINK, KP3R-YFI, KP3R-CRV, etc.

So this created a chicken <> egg situation. The system needs liquidity, but the system doesn’t have liquidity.

The initial liquidity was minted and provided to Uniswap (as well as being the accepted liquidity pair). This has the net benefit of giving governance that value as treasury holdings, as well as that value in credit to assign to jobs.

At time of writing, this means governance has $5.5m worth of assets to utilize for the further enhancement and development of Keep3r Network.

Governance and dividends is managed by bonded KP3R

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