Keep3r Fixed Forex Guide

Andre Cronje
Sep 15, 2021


Fixed Forex provides an alternative to USD denominated stable coins. It allows liquidity providers exposure to currencies such as EUR, KRW, GBP, CHF, AUD, and JPY.

Mint / Borrow

ib* assets can be minted / borrowed via Iron Bank, accessible on

You can provide collateral in any assets listed on Iron Bank and borrow ib* assets.


Once you have ib* assets, you can become a liquidity provider in the pools. At time of writing the APY’s as per the image below;

While providing liquidity through, you will be earning CRV, and rKP3R, rKP3R is explained in this article.

While providing liquidity through, you will be earning CRV, CVX, and rKP3R.

The above allows LP’s to hedge against USD risk, or simply have exposure in their own preferred currencies, while earning LP incentives.



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