Deploying your own cross-chain token 101




Step 1: Fork AnyswapV4ERC20 and implement any additional functionality as required.

AnyswapV4ERC20 supports the following

  • ERC2612 (Adds permit)
  • ERC677 (Adds approveAndCall and transferAndCall)
  • transferWithPermit
  • Verify EIP712 and Verify personalSign

AnyswapV4ERC20 needs to support mint, burn, Swapin, and Swapout to be compatible with multiple bridges.

Multichain MPC address (detailed below) should be set via initVault(address _vault)

Step 1.1: I already deployed my token

Deploy a wrapper for your token that supports mint, burn, Swapin, and Swapout, add this wrapper as a minter role in the ACL. In the wrapper add the MPC address (found below) as a minter

Step 2: Deploy AnyswapV4ERC20 via AnyswapCREATE2

AnyswapCREATE2 is available on Ethereum, Fantom, Binance Smart Chain, xDAI, and Matic. More deployments to follow

Address: 0x54f5a04417e29ff5d7141a6d33cb286f50d5d50e

git clone
npm install
-- edit deploy.js
node deploy.js

Edit lines 39 to 55

  • provider ~ choose from provider list for the chain
  • privateKey ~ address being used to deploy with
  • mpcAddress ~ address for MPC address on given chain
  • constructorArgs ~ token details (Token Name, Symbol, Decimals, Underlying token (optional))
  • verifyURL (optional) if you want to programmatically verify via etherscan/ftmscan/bscscan api
  • verifykey (optional) key to be used to verify via etherscan/ftmscan/bscscan

Deploy with the same code and salt to all the chains you wish to have your token on.

**NOTE** if you prefer to manually deploy, be sure to immediately call initVault(address _mpc) on the contract, as the default owner should be set to the deployer so the code matches on all deployments. Not even the constructor arguments should change on cross-chain deployments

Step 3: Verify your contract on each individual chain (optional if deploy.js was not used)

Verify via;

Step 4: Create a PR for your token into the token registry

Clone the connext/chaindata repo and submit a PR to chains.json with the following format;

"yfi": {
"srcChainID": "1",
"destChainID": "56",
"PairID": "YFI",
"SrcToken": {
"ID": "YFI",
"Name": "",
"Symbol": "YFI",
"Decimals": 18,
"Description": "",
"DepositAddress": "0x13B432914A996b0A48695dF9B2d701edA45FF264",
"mpcAddress": "0x13B432914A996b0A48695dF9B2d701edA45FF264",
"ContractAddress": "0x0bc529c00C6401aEF6D220BE8C6Ea1667F6Ad93e",
"MaximumSwap": 20,
"MinimumSwap": 0.0005,
"BigValueThreshold": 5,
"SwapFeeRate": 0,
"MaximumSwapFee": 0,
"MinimumSwapFee": 0,
"PlusGasPricePercentage": 10,
"DisableSwap": false,
"IsDelegateContract": false
"DestToken": {
"ID": "anyYFI",
"Name": "YFI-ERC20",
"Symbol": "anyYFI",
"Decimals": 18,
"Description": "cross chain bridge YFI with anyYFI",
"mpcAddress": "0x13B432914A996b0A48695dF9B2d701edA45FF264",
"ContractAddress": "0x9883ae441105f815b472517389b979f031b5c87e",
"MaximumSwap": 20,
"MinimumSwap": 0.002,
"BigValueThreshold": 2,
"SwapFeeRate": 0.001,
"MaximumSwapFee": 0.01,
"MinimumSwapFee": 0.001,
"PlusGasPricePercentage": 1,
"DisableSwap": false,
"IsDelegateContract": false

If you are not sure on the chainID, you can confirm them on

Once the PR is accepted, the token will be merged and become available on

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