It has been almost a year since the first time I wrote these words. Any industry has its good and its bad. You leave an industry when the bad outweighs the good. I’m still here, so don’t get me wrong there is good. The purpose of me writing this follow-up is to rant, which I find therapeutic. And also, to let other developers know, its okay, it can be shit. And maybe even, it will be shit. This is only the bad, not the good. Take it in context.

Development takes time, much longer than even you, as a developer, think it will. Nine out of ten ideas will fail. You can spend months or years building on something that conceptually you thought would take a few weeks. This is part of the process. This in itself can be demotivating. But now, add hundreds (sometimes thousands) of people shouting on telegram, discord, and twitter “when will it be released?”, “why hasn’t it been released?”, “give us an update!”, and often, significantly more hostile messages. So take something that is already difficult, and make it exponentially worse. As defi developers, our work is incredibly public, the good, more eyes, more peer review, faster development cycles, the bad, your mistakes are used as “ammunition” against you, and will be used for weeks and months after they have been rectified, your delays are seen as incompetence, and your failures are amplified ten fold. So there is already immense pressure to constantly be releasing new updates and this creates a very stressful development environment. And what happens after you release it? “when is the next upgrade?”, “what is being built next?”, “give us an update!”. Because, you see, no one was actually waiting for your development, they were waiting for a “price shifting event”. They don’t actually want to use your product, they only want to use the “narrative” of your product to make money. …

Andre Cronje

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