Fee distribution is a varied vertical within fee generating products.


MakerDAO has buyback and burn. Fees accrued in DAI are used to purchase MKR off of the market, and then the MKR is burned.

Ethereum has “buyback” and burn via EIP1559. Buyback in quotes, since the fees are already…

Quick article to explain how a “potential future” (wink wink) emission based token could balance ecosystem participants.

Standard vested escrow rules apply, if you are not familiar with this terminology you can read more here;

We have launched Convex Boost Delegation, this allows you to delegate any unused veCRV to Convex to further increase their yields.

Post Convex launch, lots of users have had their veCRV sitting idle while their funds are in Convex. This webapp simply allows you to delegate your unused veCRV to Convex to further increase their yields.

This does not effect your veCRV balance for purposes of DAO votes, nor does it effect non-factory pools.

Happy delegating


The latest Rarity expansion adds Feats for Summoners. Feats will be required to equip your summoners and is a critical release before equipment sets can be introduced. Once equipment sets are available, Summoners will be able to attempt Rarity: Tower, Rarity: Gates, and Rarity: World Bosses.

Classes earn feats as…

Rarity’s design architecture is inspired by defi legos. Instead of one monolithic design, it creates small modular designs. At its base, is the summoner, a simple composable unit that consists of a level, a class, and experience. Everything else in the Rarity world is built ontop of this base building…

Andre Cronje

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