This is a weirder opinion piece than what I’m use to. So it might be a bit incoherent.

In this market, where everyone is right, and no one is wrong, its pointless trying to be the product that is “right”.

In this market, where scams increase in value as much (or even moreso) as legitimate projects, the legitimate developers become demotivated.

In this market, releasing a product without a token is pointless, you can’t attract capital, you can’t build a contributor community, and the product can’t stand on its own merits.

In this market, if you don’t release a token…

DAO’s don’t have top down management. There is no HR department. There are no contracts and no salary negotiations. How do you properly incentivize and reward contributors?

When the yearn DAO first started, it adopted governance weighted salaries (I use the term loosely, since technically they are once off, once per month grants, if you don’t contribute the following month, no grant). Governance weighted salaries where simply proposals set up by community members, where they proposed that contributor X should receive Y payment. These require active management and need monthly DAO votes / approvals. This doesn’t scale well.

To address…,, and are powered by Keep3r V1 Oracles. These are TWAP oracles that take a snapshot every 30 minutes.

Today we introduce Keep3r V2 Oracles. These feeds have significant improvements over V1 Oracles in terms of gas efficiency and maintenance cost (greater than 10x lower costs to maintain), they are also designed so that individual projects can launch and maintain their own Keep3r V2 Oracles.




Step 1: Fork AnyswapV4ERC20 and implement any additional functionality as required.

AnyswapV4ERC20 supports the following

  • ERC2612 (Adds permit)
  • ERC677 (Adds approveAndCall and transferAndCall)
  • transferWithPermit
  • Verify EIP712 and Verify personalSign

AnyswapV4ERC20 needs to support mint, burn, Swapin, and Swapout to be compatible with multiple bridges.

Multichain MPC address (detailed below) should be set via initVault(address _vault)

Step 1.1: I already deployed my token

Deploy a wrapper for your token that supports mint, burn, Swapin, and Swapout, add this wrapper as a minter role in the ACL. …

As I see more projects embark on their multichain journey, I want to provide some tips learned and best practices;

Step 1: Use a CREATE2 deployer

A CREATE2 deployer will give you deterministic addresses on all EVM compatible blockchains. Create 1 new account and fund it with native tokens (ETH, FTM, BNB, HT, xDAI, MATIC, etc). Use this account to only deploy the CREATE2 deployer. An address that deploys code with the same nonce will always create the same address on any EVM blockchain.

You can either use our deployed CREATE2 deployer or you can deploy your own deployer (code…

After having received some feedback with regards to the lack of marketing with keep3r network, I wanted to take some time to walk through a practical example of where keep3r network fits in the ecosystem.

I have also been meaning to do an introductionary post on, so figured this is the perfect opportunity to do both.

First, a quick walkthrough of current key jobs; (you can view these on the dashboard)

Keep3rV1Oracle & SushiswapV1Oracle

The two keep3r oracles are a core component in systems like Alpha Homora v2 and Unit Protocol. It is easiest to describe as an… stats

  • 19,167 jobs completed
  • $5,242,050 payments awarded to keep3rs
  • 994 registered keepers
  • $1,187,487 keep3r bonds

For those that follow me on twitter, you would have noticed I have been posting some cross-chain stuff, today we hit a rather big product milestone that we will be rolling out over the next few weeks, so I wanted to finally take a pause, and take some time to explain what this stuff actually is.

Lets start with wrapped BTC (wBTC). wBTC is cross-chain BTC. You deposit BTC on Bitcoin to a wBTC custodian, once the wBTC custodian receives your funds, they can mint wBTC and send it to you. That simple. Send BTC on Bitcoin to party A…

I did not understand tranches. I’ve heard about them, I know people are excited about them, but I did not understand them (I’m still not 100% sure I do), but having spent some time researching and reviewing Saffron Finance, I wanted to do a write up, to both articulate my understanding, and if by some miracle I am right, then hopefully help others understand it as well.

Yearn blazed the path for community run and developer first open collectives that acted as Badgers blueprint. With the acceleration of our core product, Sett Vaults reaching $2B in total value locked, we need be moving in lockstep with protocols like Yearn.

Today we’re excited to develop a partnership that will bring our teams together to further accelerate best in class BTC vaults for the industry. This is a step to further secure users funds as we continue to introduce more Yearn developed, maintained and secured vaults to our users.

For Badger it’s imperative that we continue to introduce more…

Andre Cronje

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