We have launched Convex Boost Delegation, this allows you to delegate any unused veCRV to Convex to further increase their yields.

Post Convex launch, lots of users have had their veCRV sitting idle while their funds are in Convex. This webapp simply allows you to delegate your unused veCRV to Convex to further increase their yields.

This does not effect your veCRV balance for purposes of DAO votes, nor does it effect non-factory pools.

Happy delegating


The latest Rarity expansion adds Feats for Summoners. Feats will be required to equip your summoners and is a critical release before equipment sets can be introduced. Once equipment sets are available, Summoners will be able to attempt Rarity: Tower, Rarity: Gates, and Rarity: World Bosses.

Classes earn feats as…

Redeemable KP3R, or rKP3R, is wrapped KP3R that can optionally be exercised as a KP3R CALL option at 50% discount.

You can earn rKP3R in the following ways;

  • Provide curve.fi/factory liquidity to ib forex assets (live)
  • Provide Uniswap v3 liquidity to whitelisted pairs (currently only KP3R/ETH), with ib*/USDT launching soon

Rarity’s design architecture is inspired by defi legos. Instead of one monolithic design, it creates small modular designs. At its base, is the summoner, a simple composable unit that consists of a level, a class, and experience. Everything else in the Rarity world is built ontop of this base building…

Crafting (I) has been released. These are regular goods, armor and weapons.

Each crafting attempt costs 250xp per attempt, representing 1 day of effort.

A crafter must have at least 1 skill point in Skills (Craft) to be able to attempt crafting.

The difficult class (DC) of crafting is based…

Rarity’s first low level dungeon has been released;

Dungeon stats;

  • 10 health
  • Deals 2 damage per turn
  • Has a to hit AC of 2
  • Has a hit AC of 3

Can be completed once per day.

As The Cellar is an enclosed space it makes it difficult for ranged or spell combat, as such it is recommended for;

Barbarians, Fighters, and Paladin

It is recommended to first scout(summoner) the dungeon, to see if you will receive any rewards, if you do receive rewards, you can adventure(summoner). The dungeon rewards Crafting Materials (I), which is used in low level gear and potion crafting (released at level 3).

Recommended Attributes;

Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution.

Happy Adventuring!


The Cellar 0x2A0F1cB17680161cF255348dDFDeE94ea8Ca196A





License here

The next expansion to Rarity adds skills to the game world;


Each class receives an amount of skill points at each level based on their class and Int modifier (amounts below).

Each class has class skills, and cross-class skills.

  • Class skills maximum rank is character level + 3
  • Cross-class skills…

Rarity Gold is an ERC20 for NFTs :)

Any game economy needs currency, but again, this gold shouldn’t be gated, nor should it turn into a speculative asset. As per wealth per level guidelines, summoners can claim gold after each level advancement. Gold is however not owned by the address, nor is it a standard ERC20, but instead, gold is an ERC20 owned by the summoner (the NFT itself). Summoners can trade between each other as per normal (with transfer), and auction houses / merchants / stores can be created via transferFrom), but only a summoner can be an owner of gold.

A summoner can claim gold starting from level 2 and every level thereafter. Gold will be the default currency for auction houses, merchants, npcs, quests, and stores implemented in the default universe.




Andre Cronje

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